“Cannonball” hits it out of the park for the Ghosts, led by Dave Hedeman, who pours out into the song about personal loss, defeats, and overcoming those challenges. The theme comes through as deeply emotional, but also uplifting— and not lacking in adrenaline. "”

Rattler Magazine

No Voice To The Wicked

Dave Hedeman & The Gone Ghosts release new album “No Voice to the Wicked,” which searches for redemption, from the pain of the past.

 He fronted East Coast college favorite, PuddleDuck from 1993 to 2000 and even appeared beside Dave Mathews, Black Crowes, and The Allman Brothers in the book “Jam bands – North America’s Hottest Live Groups,” before vanishing from the music scene in 2000. But thanks to a chance meeting with Jason Isbell, Dave Hedeman is reappearing in a new incarnation as Dave Hedeman & The Gone Ghosts drop their first full-length album “No Voice to the Wicked.”  

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"Cannonball" ( Official Music Video )